z3 / src / muz_qe / pdr_farkas_learner.h

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Copyright (c) 2011 Microsoft Corporation

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    SMT2 interface for the datalog PDR


    Krystof Hoder (t-khoder) 2011-11-1.

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#include "arith_decl_plugin.h"
#include "ast_translation.h"
#include "bv_decl_plugin.h"
#include "smt_kernel.h"
#include "bool_rewriter.h"
#include "pdr_util.h"
#include "front_end_params.h"
#include "tactic.h"

namespace pdr {

class farkas_learner {
    class farkas_collector;
    class constant_replacer_cfg;
    class equality_expander_cfg;
    class constr;

    typedef obj_hashtable<expr> expr_set;

    front_end_params         m_proof_params;
    ast_manager              m_pr;
    scoped_ptr<smt::kernel>  m_ctx;

    static front_end_params get_proof_params(front_end_params& orig_params);

    // all ast objects passed to private functions have m_proof_mgs as their ast_manager

    ast_translation p2o;       /** Translate expression from inner ast_manager to outer one */
    ast_translation o2p;       /** Translate expression from outer ast_manager to inner one */

    /** All ast opbjects here are in the m_proof_mgs */
    void get_lemma_guesses_internal(proof * p, expr* A, expr * B, expr_ref_vector& lemmas);

    bool farkas2lemma(proof * fstep, expr* A, expr * B, expr_ref& res);

    void combine_constraints(unsigned cnt, app * const * constrs, rational const * coeffs, expr_ref& res);

    bool try_ensure_lemma_in_language(expr_ref& lemma, expr* A, const func_decl_set& lang);

    bool is_farkas_lemma(ast_manager& m, expr* e);
    void get_asserted(proof* p, expr_set const& bs, ast_mark& b_closed, obj_hashtable<expr>& lemma_set, expr_ref_vector& lemmas);

    bool is_pure_expr(func_decl_set const& symbs, expr* e) const;

    static void test();

    farkas_learner(front_end_params& params, ast_manager& m);

       All ast objects have the ast_manager which was passed as 
       an argument to the constructor (i.e. m_outer_mgr)
       B is a conjunction of literals.
       A && B is unsat, equivalently A => ~B is valid
       Find a weakened B' such that
       A && B' is unsat and B' uses vocabulary (and constants) in common with A.
       return lemmas to weaken B.     

    bool get_lemma_guesses(expr * A, expr * B, expr_ref_vector& lemmas);

        Traverse a proof and retrieve lemmas using the vocabulary from bs.
    void get_lemmas(proof* root, expr_set const& bs, expr_ref_vector& lemmas);

       \brief Simplify lemmas using subsumption.
    void simplify_lemmas(expr_ref_vector& lemmas);

    void collect_statistics(statistics& st) const;

    static void test(char const* filename);