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  2. z3


z3 / src / nlsat / nlsat_evaluator.h

Copyright (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation

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    Helper class for computing the infeasible intervals of an
    arithmetic literal.


    Leonardo de Moura (leonardo) 2012-01-12.

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namespace nlsat {

    class evaluator {
        struct imp;
        imp *  m_imp;
        evaluator(assignment const & x2v, pmanager & pm, small_object_allocator & allocator);

        interval_set_manager & ism() const;

           \brief Evaluate the given literal in the current model.
           All variables in the atom must be assigned.
           The result is true if the literal is satisfied, and false otherwise.
        bool eval(atom * a, bool neg);
           \brief Return the infeasible interval set for the given literal.
           All but the a->max_var() must be assigned in the current model.

           Let x be a->max_var(). Then, the resultant set specifies which
           values of x falsify the given literal.
        interval_set_ref infeasible_intervals(atom * a, bool neg);

        void push();
        void pop(unsigned num_scopes);