z3 / src / nlsat / tactic / goal2nlsat.h

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Copyright (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation

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    "Compile" a goal into the nonlinear arithmetic engine.
    Non-arithmetic atoms are "abstracted" into boolean variables.
    Non-supported terms are "abstracted" into variables.

    The mappings can be used to convert back the state of the 
    engine into a goal.


    Leonardo (leonardo) 2012-01-02


#ifndef _GOAL2NLSAT_H_
#define _GOAL2NLSAT_H_


class goal;
class expr2var;

class goal2nlsat {
    struct imp;
    imp *  m_imp;
    struct scoped_set_imp;
    static void collect_param_descrs(param_descrs & r);
       \brief "Compile" the goal into the given nlsat engine.
       Store a mapping from atoms to boolean variables into a2b.
       Store a mapping from terms into arithmetic variables into t2x.
       \remark a2b and t2x m don't need to be empty. The definitions there are reused.

       The input is expected to be in CNF
    void operator()(goal const & g, params_ref const & p, nlsat::solver & s, expr2var & a2b, expr2var & t2x);
    void set_cancel(bool f);

class nlsat2goal {
    struct imp;
    imp *  m_imp;

    static void collect_param_descrs(param_descrs & r);

       \brief Translate the state of the nlsat engine back into a goal.
    void operator()(nlsat::solver const & s, expr2var const & a2b, expr2var const & t2x,
                    params_ref const & p, goal & g, model_converter_ref & mc);
    void set_cancel(bool f);