z3 / src / smt / cost_evaluator.h

Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation

Module Name:



    Simple evaluator for cost function


    Leonardo de Moura (leonardo) 2008-06-14.

Revision History:



class cost_evaluator {
    ast_manager &   m_manager;
    arith_util      m_util;
    unsigned        m_num_args;
    float const *   m_args;
    float eval(expr * f) const;
    cost_evaluator(ast_manager & m);
       I'm using the same standard used in quantifier instantiation.
       (VAR 0) is stored in the last position of the array.
       (VAR (num_args - 1)) is stored in the first position of the array.
    float operator()(expr * f, unsigned num_args, float const * args);

#endif /* _COST_EVALUATOR_H_ */
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