z3 / src / solver / tactic2solver.h

Copyright (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation

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    Wrapper for implementing the external solver interface
    using a tactic.

    This is a light version of the strategic solver.


    Leonardo (leonardo) 2012-01-23




   \brief Simulates the incremental solver interface using a tactic.

   Every query will be solved from scratch.  So, this is not a good
   option for applications trying to solve many easy queries that a
   similar to each other.
class tactic2solver_core : public solver_na2as {
    struct ctx {
        symbol                       m_logic;
        expr_ref_vector              m_assertions;
        unsigned_vector              m_scopes;
        ref<simple_check_sat_result> m_result;
        tactic_ref                   m_tactic;
        ctx(ast_manager & m, symbol const & logic);
        ast_manager & m() const { return m_assertions.m(); }
    scoped_ptr<ctx>            m_ctx;
    front_end_params *         m_fparams;
    params_ref                 m_params;
    bool                       m_produce_models;
    bool                       m_produce_proofs;
    bool                       m_produce_unsat_cores;
    tactic2solver_core():m_ctx(0), m_fparams(0), m_produce_models(false), m_produce_proofs(false), m_produce_unsat_cores(false) {}
    virtual ~tactic2solver_core();

    virtual tactic * get_tactic(ast_manager & m, params_ref const & p) = 0;
    virtual void set_front_end_params(front_end_params & p) { m_fparams = &p; } 

    virtual void updt_params(params_ref const & p);
    virtual void collect_param_descrs(param_descrs & r);

    virtual void set_produce_proofs(bool f) { m_produce_proofs = f; }
    virtual void set_produce_models(bool f) { m_produce_models = f; }
    virtual void set_produce_unsat_cores(bool f) { m_produce_unsat_cores = f; }

    virtual void assert_expr(expr * t);

    virtual void init_core(ast_manager & m, symbol const & logic);
    virtual void reset_core();
    virtual void push_core();
    virtual void pop_core(unsigned n);
    virtual lbool check_sat_core(unsigned num_assumptions, expr * const * assumptions);

    virtual void set_cancel(bool f);

    virtual void collect_statistics(statistics & st) const;
    virtual void get_unsat_core(ptr_vector<expr> & r);
    virtual void get_model(model_ref & m);
    virtual proof * get_proof();
    virtual std::string reason_unknown() const;
    virtual void get_labels(svector<symbol> & r) {}

    virtual void set_progress_callback(progress_callback * callback) {}

    virtual unsigned get_num_assertions() const;
    virtual expr * get_assertion(unsigned idx) const;

    virtual void display(std::ostream & out) const;

class tactic2solver : public tactic2solver_core {
    tactic_ref m_tactic;
    tactic2solver(tactic * t);
    virtual ~tactic2solver();
    virtual tactic * get_tactic(ast_manager & m, params_ref const & p);

class tactic_factory2solver : public tactic2solver_core {
    scoped_ptr<tactic_factory> m_tactic_factory;
    virtual ~tactic_factory2solver();
       \brief Set tactic that will be used to process the satisfiability queries.
    void set_tactic(tactic_factory * f); 
    virtual tactic * get_tactic(ast_manager & m, params_ref const & p);