z3 / src / tactic / arith / diff_neq_tactic.h

Copyright (c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation

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    Solver for integer problems that contains literals of the form
       k <= x
       x <= k
       x - y != k
    And all variables are bounded.   


    Leonardo de Moura (leonardo) 2012-02-07.

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class ast_manager;
class tactic;

tactic * mk_diff_neq_tactic(ast_manager & m, params_ref const & p = params_ref());
  ADD_TACTIC("diff-neq", "specialized solver for integer arithmetic problems that contain only atoms of the form (<= k x) (<= x k) and (not (= (- x y) k)), where x and y are constants and k is a numberal, and all constants are bounded.", "mk_diff_neq_tactic(m, p)")