z3 / src / tactic / bv / bv1_blaster_tactic.h

Copyright (c) 2011 Microsoft Corporation

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    Rewriter for "blasting" bit-vectors of size n into bit-vectors of size 1.
    This rewriter only supports concat and extract operators.
    This transformation is useful for handling benchmarks that contain
    many BV equalities. 

    Remark: other operators can be mapped into concat/extract by using
    the simplifiers.


    Leonardo (leonardo) 2011-10-25



class ast_manager;
class tactic;

tactic * mk_bv1_blaster_tactic(ast_manager & m, params_ref const & p = params_ref());
probe * mk_is_qfbv_eq_probe();
  ADD_TACTIC("bv1-blast", "reduce bit-vector expressions into bit-vectors of size 1 (notes: only equality, extract and concat are supported).", "mk_bv1_blaster_tactic(m, p)")
  ADD_PROBE("is-qfbv-eq", "true if the goal is in a fragment of QF_BV which uses only =, extract, concat.", "mk_is_qfbv_eq_probe()")