We're trying to get the upcoming Firefox 4.0 release (March 2011) to be in Armenian and we're doing good progress for that.

If you want to test the beta Armenian builds go ahead and download them from: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-beta.html

This beta builds will become Firefox 4.

Please provide us feedback if you see any problems with the translations.


  • Create an account on Narro (web page to suggest translations)
  • Start suggesting your translations in Narro.
    • Avoid using "<<" and ">>" for quotation marks. Instead use "«" and "»" (these if you notice are a single character).
    • Do not translate the keyword "false" even if Narro offers you to translate it. Narro should not be showing these for people to translate.
    • Do not get rid of pieces of texts like %1$S which are called variables. They are important as they can represent later on a numeric value to represent an error code.


If you have any issues go to the "Issues" tab and create a new one. You can also see the existing known issues.



  • To see what is the state of the localization visit the following link.
  • To know how well translated the product is look at this page and select "C" for comparison.
  • To know even more issues there are left you can look at this.


We used to provide a language package to install on top of a Firefox installation but we can now provide the actual program in Armenian. For historical purposes and for older versions of Firefox go to the section at the bottom for installing the language package.

Get to visit our Armenian localization community at: http:www.mozilla.am


You may have read my most recent blog post where I wrote about adding new locales to the Firefox release process. Congratulations, you are included in that group! http:bit.ly/auRGrV

Furthermore, as you probably saw from Pike's introductory comments in your registration bug (bug 559702#c22), there is a lot of work to do. To help you organize your work, we have created a "release tracking bug" to help you track all the open tasks necessary to complete your localization. Your tracking bug is bug 586304.

We often look at a different view of that tracking bug that we call a "dependency tree": https:bugzilla.mozilla.org/showdependencytree.cgi?id=586304&amp;hide_resolved=1

If you click on that, you can see all the open tasks for you to begin working. It is important that you start to work on those bugs now so that we can try to finish them for the Firefox 4 release. If we don't finish them, you will be released as beta. Do you think you can take a look and begin work?

Thanks again for your interest in localizing Firefox. We are very happy to have you onboard and participating.


If you want to use Firefox in Armenian do the following:

  • Install the following add-on: Locale Switcher 2.1
  • Install the Armenian language package that we generate: Armenian (hy-AM) Language Pack
  • Once these add-ons have been installed restart your browser
  • Now under "Tools->Language" you should see your original language plus Armenian
  • Select Armenian
  • Close and start Firefox again
  • To go back to your original language do the last two operations and select your original language


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