David Schneider avatar David Schneider committed cce43ec

(bivab, arigo) Add test for an operation that does not correctly emit the code for the guard, i.e. emitting two guards for the same operation

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                          'float', descr=calldescr)
             assert res.getfloat() == expected
+    def test_some_issue(self):
+        t_box, T_box = self.alloc_instance(self.T)
+        null_box = self.null_instance()
+        faildescr = BasicFailDescr(42)
+        operations = [
+            ResOperation(rop.GUARD_NONNULL_CLASS, [t_box, T_box], None,
+                                                        descr=faildescr),
+            ResOperation(rop.FINISH, [], None, descr=BasicFailDescr(1))]
+        operations[0].setfailargs([])
+        looptoken = JitCellToken()
+        inputargs = [t_box]
+        self.cpu.compile_loop(inputargs, operations, looptoken)
+        operations = [
+            ResOperation(rop.FINISH, [], None, descr=BasicFailDescr(99))
+        ]
+        self.cpu.compile_bridge(faildescr, [], operations, looptoken)
+        fail = self.cpu.execute_token(looptoken, null_box.getref_base())
+        assert fail.identifier == 99
     def test_compile_loop_with_target(self):
         i0 = BoxInt()
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