Andrew Godwin committed eb5a5f8

Fixing #383 and #377 (sqlite regen errors)

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-    def column_sql(self, table_name, field_name, field, tablespace=''):
+    def column_sql(self, table_name, field_name, field, tablespace='', with_name=True, field_prepared=False):
         Creates the SQL snippet for a column. Used by add_column and add_table.
-        field.set_attributes_from_name(field_name)
+        # If the field hasn't already been told its attribute name, do so.
+        if not field_prepared:
+            field.set_attributes_from_name(field_name)
         # hook for the field to do any resolution prior to it's attributes being queried
         if hasattr(field, 'south_init'):
         except TypeError:
             sql = field.db_type()
-        if sql:        
-            field_output = [self.quote_name(field.column), sql]
+        if sql:
+            # Some callers, like the sqlite stuff, just want the extended type.
+            if with_name:
+                field_output = [self.quote_name(field.column), sql]
+            else:
+                field_output = [sql]
             field_output.append('%sNULL' % (not field.null and 'NOT ' or ''))
             if field.primary_key:
                 field_output.append('PRIMARY KEY')


         # Get the column's SQL
         if not explicit_name:
-            name = field.column
+            name = field.db_column
             field.column = name
-        sql = self.column_sql(table_name, name, field)
+        sql = self.column_sql(table_name, name, field, with_name=False, field_prepared=True)
         # Remake the table correctly
         self._remake_table(table_name, altered={name: sql})
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