Standard CSL Test Fixtures

This is the standard test bundle for use in CSL processor and style
development.  Test fixtures are contained in the three subdirectories:


Of the three, only processor tests are available at this time.
The test fixtures are distributed in human-readable form.  To
produce the machine-readable JSON versions of the test fixtures,
run the ./ script with the -g option.  The first
time the script is run, this will create a configuration file
at ./config/processor.cnf.  To validate the CSL code contained
in the fixtures use the -c option.  Validation requires the
jing utility:

The paths to the jing module and the CSL 1.0 schema can be
set in the configuration file.

For the present, documentation of the layout and operation
of the human-readable fixture files can be found in the
citeproc-js manual:


Frank Bennett