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TuiView is a lightweight raster GIS with powerful raster attribute table manipulation abilities. Features of TuiView include:

  • "Geo-linking" - 2 or more windows linked so they move and zoom together
  • Querying and plotting of raster values
  • Overlaying and querying of vector layers
  • Ability to stretch data for viewing in a number of ways, and ability to set a default stretch for each type of file
  • Saving and loading of stretch information into text or image files
  • Profile tool
  • Display of raster attribute tables and highlighting of rows for queried pixel
  • Selection of raster attribute table rows based on a query, or through geographical selection
  • Creation of new attribute table columns and updating of columns
  • Flicker tool



Binaries for Windows, Linux and Mac are available through Conda on the "osgeo" channel:

  1. Download and install the Python 3.4 installer for your platform from the Miniconda site
  2. Bring up the command line and type "conda install -c osgeo tuiview"
  3. Type "tuiview"
  4. To upgrade when a new version is released, type "conda update -c osgeo tuiview"


TuiView requires: Python >= 2.6, Numpy, GDAL and PyQt. Source available from Download Page or through Mercurial.


Documentation is available in the TuiView wiki