In order to build VocBench and run VocBench, follow instructions on:

or follow the instructions below

  • a copy of Semantic Turkey (you may check the version of Semantic Turkey exploited
    by VocBench by inspecting the vocbench-web/vocbench-web-sematicturkey/pom.xml).
    Check for Semantic Turkey downloads
    and then select the appropriate version to download.
    However usually ST should be available through Maven (it always is in the case of stable versions VB is depending on)
  • build the two VocBench projects (just run maven clean install on both of them):
    • vocbench-web (this will produce a war file)
    • vocbench-st-bundle (this will produce an OSGi bundle, with .jar extension)
  • copy the bundle inside the deploy folder of the Semantic Turkey installation
  • Follow install instructions on: