# README # ### Prerequisites ### Required [Node.js and npm]( Verify that you are running at least node __v6.9.x__ and npm __3.x.x__ by running `node -v` and `npm -v` in a terminal/console window. Older versions may produce errors. Required Semantic Turkey server running. ### Run the application ### * Download the project * From the project folder execute `npm install` (or `npm i`) to install all the dependencies * Execute `npm start` to run the webpack lightweight server (it compiles and watches for file changes), then launch the application in a browser at page `localhost:8080` (unless you have changed the port in `package.json` `"start": "webpack-dev-server --inline --progress --port 8080"`) ### Creating a build ### Execute `npm run build` to create a `dist` folder, a distribution deployable in an http server (tested with Tomcat 7.0.52 an 8.0.27). In `config/` is possible to change the name of the produced folder simply by changing the `path` property in the `output` object ``` output: { path: helpers.root('dist'), ... }, ``` ### Further configuration ### In *vbconfis.js* (under *src/* of the source package, or under the root folder of the built distribution) it is possible to configure the *SemanticTurkey* host resolution. By default *VocBench3* resolves the IP address of the *SemanticTurkey* server dynamically by using the same IP address of the *VocBench* host machine. This is determined by the configuration property `dynamic_st_host_resolution` (by default set to `true`). ``` /** * Tells if the system should use the IP of the machine which is serving the VB3 content to query the ST server. * N.B. This can be left to true only if VocBench3 and SemanticTurkey are running on the same machine, * otherwise, set this to false and change the value of the st_host parameter */ var dynamic_st_host_resolution = true; ``` In case *VocBench3* and *SemanticTurkey* run on two different hosts, it is possible to provide the *SemanticTurkey* IP address statically by setting the previous property to `false` and modifying the property `st_host` with the address of the target host (the property `st_host` is ignored if `dynamic_st_host_resolution` is `true`). ``` var dynamic_st_host_resolution = false; /** * IP address/logical host name of the machine which hosts SemanticTurkey. * Configure this parameter only if dynamic_st_host_resolution is set to false. */ var st_host = ""; ``` It is also possible to change the port where SemanticTurkey is listening (the default is `1979`) by changing `st_port` property. ``` /** * Port where SemanticTurkey server is listening */ var st_port = "1979"; ```