reCAPTCHA Spam Filter for Zine

This is a spam filtering plug-in for Zine publishing plaform written in Python. This plug-in is a fork of the original plugin at http://repo.or.cz/w/recaptcha_spam_plugin.git, announced at http://blog.technomancy.org/2009/1/11/recaptcha-zine-plugin-done. This fork aims at providing a plug-in that works with Zine trunk and developing the plug-in further.

Featured Improvements

  • Selectable reCAPTCHA theme.
  • A possibility to show an error message if CAPTCHA solution failed instead of blocking the comment. (Requires a patch from Zine trac ticket #215.
  • A possibility to skip CAPTCHA checking for logged in users.

Planned Improvements

  • A possibility to skip blog-wide comment moderation if CAPTCHA was solved correctly.


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