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Plugin guard is disabled for development environments by default now and the feature is no longer exposed on the plugin page. If you want to change it, you can do so from the configuration editor.

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     'smtp_use_tls':             BooleanField(default=False),
     # plugin settings
-    'plugin_guard':             BooleanField(default=True),
+    'plugin_guard':             BooleanField(default=not _dev_mode),
     'plugins':                  CommaSeparated(TextField(), default=list),
     'plugin_searchpath':        CommaSeparated(TextField(), default=list,
         help_text=lazy_gettext(u'It\'s possible to one or more comma '
         if initial is None:
             initial = dict(
                 active_plugins=[ for x in app.plugins.itervalues()
-                                if],
-                disable_guard=not app.cfg['plugin_guard']
+                                if]
         forms.Form.__init__(self, initial)
         """Apply the changes."""
         t =
         t['plugins'] = u', '.join(sorted(['active_plugins']))
-        t['plugin_guard'] = not['disable_guard']


     {%- endfor %}
-    <h2>{{ _("Plugin Guard") }}</h2>
-    <p>{% trans %}
-      Normally the plugin guard is enabled and catches exceptions during
-      plugin setup.  In some situations however this is not wanted, for
-      example if you want to debug a broken plugin.
-    {% endtrans %}
-    <dl>{{ form.disable_guard.as_dd() }}</dl>
     <h2>{{ _("Add New Plugin") }}</h2>
     <p>{% trans %}
       If you have a plugin as Zine <tt>.plugin</tt> file you can upload it
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