Artem Egorkine avatar Artem Egorkine committed ea23686

Post.get_url_values() returns the proper endpoint address now.
* zine/
A slug is not enough, return the full endpoint address.
* zine/templates/widgets/pages_navigation.html:
`request.path` check is correct now.

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                self.pub_date > datetime.utcnow()
     def get_url_values(self):
-        return self.slug
+        #return self.slug
+        return 'blog/post', { 'slug': self.slug }
     def __repr__(self):
         return '<%s %r>' % (


   {%- if widget.pages %}
   <ul class="pages-navigation">
   {%- for item in widget.pages %}
-    <li {%- if request.path == '/'+url_for(item) %} class="current"{% endif %}>
+    <li {%- if request.path == url_for(item) %} class="current"{% endif %}>
       <a href="{{ url_for(item)|e }}">{{ item.title|e }}</a>
   {%- endfor %}
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