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Artem Egorkine  committed f069678

Enable extension synonyms in RST parser again - enables "code-block" directive.
* zine/plugins/rst_parser/__init__.py:
Enable extension synonyms lost in the merge at ed4f16f44772. This enables
"code-block" directive as a synonym to "sourcecode" directive.

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File zine/plugins/rst_parser/__init__.py

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             directives.register_directive('intro', IntroDirective)
             for extension in self.app.markup_extensions:
                 if extension.is_block_level:
-                    directives.register_directive(
-                        extension.name,
-                        make_extension_directive(self.app, extension))
+                    directive = make_extension_directive(self.app, extension)
+                    directives.register_directive(extension.name, directive)
+                    if extension_synonyms.has_key(extension.name):
+                        for synonym in extension_synonyms[extension.name]:
+                            directives.register_directive(synonym, directive)
                         extension.name, make_extension_role(extension))