Ginés Martínez Sánchez avatar Ginés Martínez Sánchez committed 0467424 Draft

why some scaffold directories are not copy? well, I put them in

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 prune .hg
 recursive-include ginsfsm/examples/inter_event *
+recursive-include ginsfsm/scaffolds/multiple_wsgi/ *
+recursive-include ginsfsm/scaffolds/multi_pyramid_wsgi/ *
+recursive-include ginsfsm/scaffolds/simple_gobj/ *
+recursive-include ginsfsm/scaffolds/simple_pyramid/ *
+recursive-include ginsfsm/scaffolds/simple_websocket_server/ *
+recursive-include ginsfsm/scaffolds/simple_wsgi/ *


 A python library to do development based in Finite State Machines.
-__version__ = '0.6.3'
+__version__ = '0.6.4'
 __title__ = 'ginsfsm'
 __author__ = 'Ginés Martínez'
 __license__ = 'MIT License'
     author_email='ginsmar at',
     license='MIT License',
-    packages=find_packages(exclude=[]),
+    packages=find_packages(),
-    package_data={'': ['ginsfsm/examples/inter_event/*']},
         'PasteDeploy >= 1.5.0',  # py3 compat
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