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good!! multi-wsgi application done

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-use = call:ginsfsm.protocols.wsgi.common.urlmap:urlmap_factory
 use = call:ginsfsm.gaplic:gaplic_factory
 main = wsgi-server
+wsgi = wsgi-application
 use = call:ginsfsm.examples.wsgi.multiple_wsgi_server:main =
-wsgi-server.port = 8000
-wsgi-server.application = composite:urlmap
+host =
+port = 8000
+application = wsgi-application
 GSock.trace_dump = true
 GObj.trace_mach = true
 use = call:ginsfsm.protocols.wsgi.common.urlmap:urlmap_factory
 / = application1
-/app2 = application1
-/app3 = application1
+/app2 = application2
+/app3 = application3
 use = call:ginsfsm.examples.wsgi.multiple_wsgi_server:paste_app_factory1


 import logging
+from ginsfsm.globals import get_global_app
 from ginsfsm.gaplic import GAplic
 from ginsfsm.protocols.wsgi.server.c_wsgi_server import GWsgiServer
-from ginsfsm.protocols.wsgi.common.urlmap import URLMap
+#from ginsfsm.protocols.wsgi.common.urlmap import URLMap
 def main(global_config, **local_conf):
     """ Entry point to run with gserve (PasteDeploy)
+    if 'application' in local_conf:
+        application = local_conf.pop('application')
+    else:
+        raise Exception('You must supply an wsgi application.')
+    application = get_global_app(application)
     ga = GAplic('Wsgi-Example', **local_conf)
-    'wsgi-server.application'
-        application=application1
+        application=application
     return ga
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