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Ginés Martínez Sánchez  committed e84933d Draft

improve doc. todo: search dynamic routes by steps

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File ginsfsm/gaplic.py

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         """ Send an event to an external gaplic.
+        :param gaplic: name of external gaplic.
         :param role: name of external role.
         :param gobj_name: name of external gobj.
         :param event_name: name of the event to send.
         :param subscriber_gobj: subscriber obj that wants receive the response.
+        :param origin_role: specify role if you have two o more roles.
         :param kw: keyword arguments.
         Possible values for **kw** arguments:

File ginsfsm/router.py

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             roles = route.roles
             # TODO: busca el rol conectado si hay varios
             for ro in roles:
-                ro = ro.lstrip('^')
+                ro = ro.lstrip('^')  # TODO: search removing ^ one to one
                 if ro == role:
                     return route