ginsfsm / .hgtags

The default branch has multiple heads

65ba695322665c4fafb9fae901d31914f147e8d0 0.3.2
04c56f40a161f8b9ec5879c0779626ebb77e3228 0.3.1
80d931f35be367af541c22916b2c0ae55955248d list
04c56f40a161f8b9ec5879c0779626ebb77e3228 0.3.1
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0.3.1
f2cf336cd08b9cfc49a86dd7a721cce33126c1fb 0.3.3
d24d93d51f76c49fb92421a04de549255d487338 0.4.0
bd8b6c33a3aa1eb971d0bdd652ee7487c0a2ebb4 0.4.1
a0d5d785f70138abdc3b980fbb5e9a2753e3d578 0.4.2
832cef713fb347416ef6216f305808caaa5dde03 0.5.0
489b24269565c177703dc6be8820946b79a6ddde 0.5.1
49e1cac89372c23d4b6d03c87dd34a33a491f3c3 0.5.2
93ecdd639092d67e5dc187653187449f5626da69 0.5.3
68b13c1f83234236d004ffa85c2d753012b0d05e 0.5.4
f789434f0353a686abcbf47667d8c47c94003bca 0.5.5
1db4b51ce63fae00fd9b435c0eff5b7c2ccca26e 0.6.0
1db4b51ce63fae00fd9b435c0eff5b7c2ccca26e 0.6.0
a0bcf92430c1183774f2439b98a0879033d7c3c2 0.6.0
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