This repository have the objective to give a help in the connection of the software Bonsai with Unity. Bonsai is a software you tell your computer what to do not through long listings of text but by manipulating graphical elements in a workflow. We can use either Computer Vision, hardware like Arduino's and many others being very flexible for our projects. This software is Node Based and we can create nodes using Python or C# if we need some custom nodes. Unity is one of the most known game Engine now days with many features to explore being one of our elections for Interactives.


How do I set up?

  • Unity it's a straight foward instalation just double click , next , choose where you want to save it and which addons we want to use, we recommend the typical for this project.
  • Bonsai need to be downloaded and installed but after that we open the Bonsai.exe, click in Tools - > Manage Packages.
  • In this option we choose the OSC package or other packages we need to use ( We recommend Starter Package will install all basic's we want).

Contribution guidelines

  • ArticaCC
  • Gon´┐Żalo Lopes - Bonsai Creator