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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- vim: set filetype=docbkxml shiftwidth=2 autoindent expandtab tw=77 : -->
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.4//EN"
<!-- Below are references to files in this directory. -->

<!-- Chapters. -->

<!ENTITY ch00     SYSTEM "ch00-preface.xml">
<!ENTITY ch01     SYSTEM "ch01-intro.xml">
<!ENTITY ch02     SYSTEM "ch02-tour-basic.xml">
<!ENTITY ch03     SYSTEM "ch03-tour-merge.xml">
<!ENTITY ch04     SYSTEM "ch04-concepts.xml">
<!ENTITY ch05     SYSTEM "ch05-daily.xml">
<!ENTITY ch06     SYSTEM "ch06-collab.xml">
<!ENTITY ch07     SYSTEM "ch07-filenames.xml">
<!ENTITY ch08     SYSTEM "ch08-branch.xml">
<!ENTITY ch09     SYSTEM "ch09-undo.xml">
<!ENTITY ch10     SYSTEM "ch10-hook.xml">
<!ENTITY ch11     SYSTEM "ch11-template.xml">
<!ENTITY ch12     SYSTEM "ch12-mq.xml">
<!ENTITY ch13     SYSTEM "ch13-mq-collab.xml">
<!ENTITY ch14     SYSTEM "ch14-hgext.xml">
<!ENTITY appA     SYSTEM "appA-svn.xml">
<!ENTITY appB     SYSTEM "appB-mq-ref.xml">
<!ENTITY appC     SYSTEM "appC-srcinstall.xml">
<!ENTITY appD     SYSTEM "appD-license.xml">

<!-- Include our standard shortcuts. -->

<!ENTITY % SHORTCUTS SYSTEM "book-shortcuts.xml">

<!-- Include automatically and manually generated code snippets. -->

<!ENTITY % AUTOSNIPPETS SYSTEM "examples/auto-snippets.xml">

<book id="hg">
  <title>Mercurial: The Definitive Guide</title>
  <!-- hg parents &#x2d;&#x2d;template '{node|short} ({date|shortdate})' 
  <subtitle>Compiled from 8a1d3f1aff17 (2009-03-10)</subtitle>
  <subtitle>Compiled from $rev_id$</subtitle>


      <holder>Bryan O'Sullivan</holder>

  <!-- BEGIN ch00 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch01 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch02 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch03 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch04 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch05 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch06 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch07 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch08 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch09 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch10 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch11 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch12 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch13 -->
  <!-- BEGIN ch14 -->
  <!-- BEGIN appA -->
  <!-- BEGIN appB -->
  <!-- BEGIN appC -->
  <!-- BEGIN appD -->
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