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Issue #278 resolved
Sanny Sanoff
created an issue

2 main database requests

1) get list of posts (limit 20..50)

      - filter by username (author)

      - filter by my subscription

      - filter by "before post id #abcde, excluding one" (no other pagination plz)

      - filter by tag(s) (and-ed together)

      - filter by date (could be cool)

      - ideally, any filter combinations, but ok only predefined combinations.

      attributes: all necessary to display, including sub/unsub state (exist now in web),

full datetime in parseable format

      post body format: ideally, as user posted it, i.e. without any processing.

2) get post + comments

      - ideally, filter by "get only comments after /33"

AND third very desired for JA-side notifications:

3) realtime, rss-like (to be called each 5 seconds or so from JA server): get ids/timestamps of N last modified posts (should be easy with indexes)

or maybe even comet-like notifications (later in future)


preferably, json with gzip wire compression. error to be replied in json, too (e.g: { "error" : "not found/not authorized" } )


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