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by Arvid Tomayko(+/-Peters) | arvidtomayko.com

A large and growing repository of Max 5/6 abstractions, javascripts, shaders, etc I’ve made and found useful over the years. Some will be generically useful to people, others are esoteric or specific to the way I use max. Some are well documented, others are not so much. I hope some of these will be useful to people.


  • a number of dict abstractions that make it easy to use dictionaries to manage the state of a patch (get items, set item, create subdicts, dict item based gate, etc)
  • use LEDs on KMI QuNeo pads as audio meters
  • a standard audio output bpatcher for patches
  • javascripts for converting between hex, binary and int
  • a javascript that quantizes to musical scales
  • time/datestamping
  • Apple multitouch trackpad input conditioning – tries to map finger data intelligently to one parameter per finger
  • td.rota shader with offset values absolute rather than relative to rotation
  • an example multitrack recorder bpatcher for all channels of a MOTU Ultralite
  • javascripts to scroll within a patch or send a patch window to the back
  • ~equal loudness pan and balance objects
  • various path operations:
    • get parent folder of patch
    • check if a file exists anywhere in max’s searchpath
    • return the path of the current patch so saved files dont go willy-nilly to the last place used in Max’s searchpath
    • remove file extensions
  • operate on value objects
  • quick data recorder/looper bpatcher
  • bpatchers for managing preset slots and JSON files for pattrstorage
  • atp.outputQueue.js: Add items to a queue that will be pushed out on a clock.
  • atp.popupMessage.js: A fancy text box to give nice tips or stern warnings to patch users. Wrapped text with rounded rect backdrop, auto-height fitting, speech-bubble-style arrows and a close button that hides the object.

Download the whole thing here.