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some code cleaning

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File Movement.cpp

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-Movement::Movement(Matrix m)
+Movement::Movement(const Matrix& matrix)
-  this->m=m;
+  this->m=matrix;
-Matrix Movement::getMatrix()
+const Matrix& Movement::getMatrix() const
   return m;
-void Movement::print()
+void Movement::print() const

File Movement.h

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-    Movement(Matrix);
+    explicit Movement(const Matrix& matrix);
     ///operator + : merge two Movements by multiplying the Matrix
     Movement operator+ (Movement);
     /// apply the Matrix to a Rigidbody
     void apply(Rigidbody& rigbody);
     ///return the Matrix
-    Matrix getMatrix();
+    const Matrix& getMatrix() const;
     ///print the Matrix
-    void print();
+    void print() const;
   //fonction pour les matrices, a relocaliser dans la partie ptools adapter
   ///Multiply two Matrix
   Matrix matrixMultiply(Matrix,Matrix);
   ///inverse a Matrix of dimension 4 by 4
   Matrix inverseMatrix44 (Matrix);
   ///inverse a Matrix representing a rotation and a translation 
   Matrix inverseTranformationMatrix(Matrix);
   ///inverse a Matrix representing a rotation and a translation 
   Matrix inverseTranformationMatrixPlusPlus(Matrix);