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--robot is so stiff when it move (Gamelayer.cpp : 308)--

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An Exciting Announcement

If you\' re craving more Beat \'Em Up action, I have good news for you ¨C I will soon be releasing a Beat \'Em Up Starter Kit here at!

  • You\' re probably wondering just how awesome it will be. As a teaser, here¡¯s a list of what you can expect to find and learn in the kit:
  • More actions! 3-hit combos, jumping, running
  • Combination actions: jumping attack, running attack
  • Adding Life Bars
  • Animated 8-directional D-pad
  • Animated D-pad buttons
  • State machine applied to game events, and battle events with enemy spawning!
  • Multiple levels, and using PLIST files for setting up events
  • Creating different types of enemies using the sprite color tinting technique
  • Boss enemy: Pompadour VS Mohawk! (cue dramatic music)
  • More advanced enemy AI
  • Much better collision system using circles instead of rectangles
  • Adjusting collision circles based on actions, and drawing these circles onto the screen for debugging
  • A weapon for your Pompadoured Hero: the Gauntlet
  • Destructible tiled map objects
  • Visible damage numbers and hit explosions
  • ... and much more!