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Spread the Word

Mission Statement

The "Spread the Word" project aims at building a new social communication network that should support a variety of clients (mobile, desktop). The focus is on reliable communication that still provides anonymity, availability and robustness against censorship and other types of attacks in order to support freedom of speech.


Motivation/Vision document is currently under construction. As soon as this document is finished the abstract will be placed here.


  • Mobile and desktop application for cellphones to bridge the ICT gap of developing countries and to empower them
  • Twitter-like asynchronous "following"-based communication and bottom-up formation of information sub-networks
  • P2P architecture with no central nodes or resources with redundant storage for availability and robustness
  • TOR Network's Onion Routing and Private Information Retrieval for anonymity and safety
  • Architecture that does not rely on (centralised) server architecture
  • Additional (server based) services that provide additional functionalities like directories, data aggregation and the like
  • ...

Implementation Status

The current implementation status can be seen here.