Ashutosh Singla committed 555d743 Draft

cleanup (added a missing key TRASH in fields, ensure namespace key to be in meta.)

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File MoinMoin/items/

                     if not delete:
                     meta[NAME] = oldname
+            elif not meta.get(ITEMID):
+                meta[NAME] = [name]
+        if not meta.get(NAMESPACE):
+            meta[NAMESPACE] = self.fqname.namespace
         if comment is not None:
             meta[COMMENT] = unicode(comment)

File MoinMoin/storage/middleware/

             SUMMARY: TEXT(stored=True),
             # DATAID from metadata
             DATAID: ID(stored=True),
+            # TRASH from metadata
+            TRASH: BOOLEAN(stored=True),
             # data (content), converted to text/plain and tokenized
             CONTENT: TEXT(stored=True),