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override client.Agent to create an agent with a timeout option.
modifications to properly package for PyPI
Add a to_pypi shell script.
Added tag 0.3.2 for changeset 187a734f2ee8
corrected version number
Added tag 0.3.1 for changeset 2a73736135d6
update version information for release
remove spurious print statement in
Clean up some long-standing pep8/pyflakes/pylint issues.
Documentation changes.
Fixed list_buckets() to URL unquote buckets before listing.
Fixed bug in list_keys. Now unquote keys before return.
Added key filter support for map/reduce jobs. * RiakClient.add() and RiakMapReduce.add() now support the passing of key filters. You specify a key filter as input by passing a dictionary of the format: {"bucket" : "<bucket_name>", "key_filters" : [ ["<operation>", "<arg1>", "<argN>"], ]} e.g (key ID in form "log_web_20110302174601"): {"bucket" : "my_cool_bucket", "key_filters" : [ ["tokeniz…
Added RiakBucket.purge_keys() convenience function. * Deletes all keys in the bucket. Leverages the new RiakBucket.list_keys() function to retrieve the current key list and then deletes each key.
Added flatten_js util func, error handling to map/reduce. * Adds riak.flatten_js() utility function. flatten_js() will take a multi-line JS function and strip out the newlines to make it suitable for passing to map() or reduce(). * Map/reduce jobs did no checking of the HTTP status code returned by Riak...leading to nonsense JSON decode errors when there was an error. Now the HTTP status code is checked and exception raised with Riak's r…
Fixed map/reduce unit tests to pass on Riak 0.14.1. * Fixed the source JavaScript map/reduce test so that the reduce function produces the same output as the map function. The fact that it didn't was causing Riak to barf on the job. * Fixed the named Erlang map/reduce test. Updated module name referenced from riak_mapreduce to riak_kv_mapreduce. Name change occurred when Riak split the core from the key value functions.
Added list_buckets call to RiakClient. * RiakClient now implements the list buckets command as list_buckets(). * Modified build_rest_path() to allow for no bucket to be passed in (needed for list_buckets). Modification also makes the bucket arg required for the key arg to be used by build_rest_path().
Added list_keys() call to RiakBucket. * Now supports listing all the keys in a bucket.
Refactored getPageWithHeaders to use t.w.c.Agent. * Replaced HTTPClientFactory-based getPageWithHeaders with a new version that uses the new t.w.c.Agent page getter. * As a result, it makes txRiak HTTP/1.1 compliant.
Added tag 0.2.1 for changeset 1ac6968e4269
documentation for 0.2.1
add support for meta data
First pass new doc style completed.
first pass at updating documentation to Sphinx-style. About 15% of document left to modify.
Work on getting paths set up properly. Initial check-in for txriak.rst
force full rebuilds of docs at all times.
hook up the todo documentation
initial set-up of Sphinx documentation.
put docs in right place. ensure our txriak is on path
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