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Can't run threaded worker! Sadly, the message listener doesn't work well then,
must run as main process. But doing .apply() should test the registry well

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+import sys
 from celerypaste import set_loader
-from threading import Thread
-import sys
 CELERY_CONFIG ={"BROKER_HOST": "localhost",
                 "BROKER_PORT": 5672,
                 "CELERY_BACKEND": "database",
                 "DATABASE_ENGINE": "sqlite3",
                 "DATABASE_NAME": "test.db",
-                }
+                "CELERY_IMPORTS": ("mytasks", )}
-from celery.registry import tasks
 from celery.task import Task
     def run(self, x, y):
         return x+y
-class CeleryWorker(Thread):
-    def run(self):
-        from celery.bin.celeryd import run_worker
-        run_worker(**vars())
 def setup_db():
     from celery.loaders import current_loader
 def test_run():
-    w = CeleryWorker()
-    w.start()
-    t = AddTask()
-    result = t.apply_async(args=[10, 10], countdown=3)
+    result = AddTask.apply(args=[10, 10])
     assert result.get()==20, "didn't get expected result"
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