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Never raise SystemExit !!!

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     """Couldn't connect to the STOMP server."""
+class ConnectionTimeoutError(socket.timeout):
+    """Timed-out while establishing connection to the STOMP server."""
 class Stomp(object):
     """STOMP Client.
     :param port: The port to use. (default ``61613``)
+    ConnectionError = ConnectionError
+    ConnectionTimeoutError = ConnectionTimeoutError
+    NotConnectedError = NotConnectedError
     def __init__(self, hostname, port=61613): = hostname
         self.port = port
             self.sock.connect((, self.port))
             self.connected = True
-        except (socket.error, socket.timeout), err:
-            print "Cannot connect to %s on port %d" %(,self.port)
-            print "Caught error: %s" % err
-            raise SystemExit
+        except socket.error, exc:
+            raise self.ConnectionError(*exc.args)
+        except socket.timeout, exc:
+            raise self.ConnectionTimeoutError(*exc.args)
     def disconnect(self, conf=None):
         """Disconnect from the server."""
     def _is_connected(self):
         if not self.connected:
-            raise NotConnectedError("Not connected to STOMP server.")
+            raise self.NotConnectedError("Not connected to STOMP server.")
     def _get_subscribed(self):
         return self._subscribed


 class WhenSocketCantConnect(TestCase):
     def should_fail_connect(self):
         self.stomp = Stomp('localhost',99999)
-        self.failUnlessRaises(SystemExit,self.stomp.connect)
+        self.failUnlessRaises(self.stomp.ConnectionError,
+                self.stomp.connect)
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