python-stomp / README

 stompy - Python STOMP client library

This is useful for connecting to and communicating with
Apache `ActiveMQ`_ (an open source `Java Message Service`_ (JMS)
message broker) or other brokers with support for the `STOMP`_ protocol.

The majority of the methods available take a single argument; a dictionary.
This dictionary should contain the necessary bits you need
to pass to the `STOMP`_ server.  It is outlined in each method
exactly what it needs to work.

For specifics on the protocol, see the `STOMP protocol specification`_.

This library is basically a Python implementation of Perl's `Net::Stomp`_.

To enable the `ActiveMQ`_ Broker for `STOMP`_ add the following to the
``activemq.xml`` configuration::

        <serverTransport uri="stomp://localhost:61613"/>

See for latest code.

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