vconf - VIM configuration

Vim configuration containing several plugins and themes for your everyday VIM use.

Contains :

Update plugins: Plugins are managed trough the Vundle plugin to update it just run in your vim


Optional - Powerline fonts from https://github.com/akrasic/powerline-fonts Get advantage of the super awesum synbols in your editor Available colors :

Optional colorschemes are thrown out to reduce the filesize. They are still available via https://github.com/flazz/vim-colorschemes


Window management

leader + w - split and focus on the new vertical window
leader + x - split and focus on the new horizontal window
<C-w> + w  - Jump to next window
<C-w> + h  - Jump left window
<C-w> + j - Jump to window below
<C-w> + k - Jump to window up
<C-w> + l - Jump to window right

Session Management

<leader>sl - List sessions
<leader>ss - Save session

Fuzzy plugin

<C-a> - Fuzzy File Search
<C-e> - Fuzzy Buffer Search


<leader>l | <F2> - NERDTree toggle
<leader>e - NERDTree Find

Get it!

Installation script will automatically backup your current .vim/ directory and .vimrc configuration file to .vim.bak and .vimrc.bak and setup the vim and vimrc provided in this package.

Install vconf Download the package or git clone:

clone git@bitbucket.org:asoantun/vim.git
cd vim/
bash bundle.sh install

Uninstall vconf

cd vconf/
bash bundle.sh uninstall