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vconf - VIM configuration

Vim configuration containing several plugins and themes for your everyday VIM use.

Contains :

Update plugins:
All plugins are clones GIT repositories for easier

cd ~/.vim/bundle/plugin-name  
git pull

Available colors :

Optional color pack is in .vim/colors.optional , simply just copy the color to .vim/colors/ directory and quick preview execute inside vim

:color newcolor

Change the colorscheme, edit line 37 of the .vimrc file and set:

colorscheme newcolor

Get it!

Installation script will automatically backup your current .vim/ directory and .vimrc configuration file to .vim.bak and .vimrc.bak and setup the vim and vimrc provided in this package.

Install vconf
Download the package or git clone:

cd vconf/  
bash install  

Uninstall vconf

cd vconf/  
bash uninstall