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Issue #379 resolved

How to map dynamic object hierarchies with YAML

Michael Rüegg
created an issue


I have a question regarding mapping YAML to an existing object hierarchy. Is it somehow possible to map the following example to make the unit test pass?

interface Node {

class ExtraNode implements Node {
    String foo

class SpecialNode implements Node {
    String bar

class Master {
    List<Node> nodes;

class MyDsl {
    Master master

class YamlSpec extends Specification {

    def 'complex hierarchy'() {
        def constructor = new Constructor(MyDsl.class)
        def yaml = new Yaml(constructor);

        def dsl = (MyDsl) yaml.load("""master:
                                       |  nodes:
                                       |    - extraNode:
                                       |      foo: foo
                                       |    - specialNode:
                                       |      bar: bar""".stripMargin());

        (dsl.master.nodes[1] as SpecialNode).bar == "bar"

Thanks, Michael

Comments (5)

  1. Andrey Somov repo owner

    Sorry, but if you copy-and-paste a lot of code it does not help us to understand the issue. What is the exact problem ? What is the Java test which you expect to work ?

  2. Michael Rüegg reporter

    I've just recognized that I can achieve this with !!prefix notation, e.g.:

        - !!ExtraNode
          foo: foo
        - !!SpecialNode
          bar: bar

    To get rid of fully qualified class names in the YAML, I've stumbled over https://github.com/xrrocha/yamltag. Are you aware of that? If yes, are there any plans to integrate this feature?

    Thanks for the superb library and keep up the good work :-)

  3. Michael Rüegg reporter

    Excuse me, I've just found the equivalent functionality in your documentation:

    constructor.addTypeDescription(new TypeDescription(ExtraNode.class, "!extraNode"));

    All good, thanks.

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