JRuby's Psych library uses Mark.getIndex.

Issue #401 resolved
created an issue

Just when you didn't think anyone needed Mark.getIndex, JRuby comes along! 😄

The Psych library tests for the presence and accuracy of mark indices, so I humbly request that it be restored.

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  1. headius reporter

    I can confirm that the 1.21 snapshot now works with the JRuby Psych library with only minor tweaks. Thank you, I look forward to the release!

  2. headius reporter

    Hmm, I have an email showing a comment from Andrey but I don't see the comment. In answer to the question it posed: yes, performance seems to be back to where it should be. There was a fix in 1.20 I have not identified that solved our reported performance regression.

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