Add getAnnotations() and getAnnotation(...) methods to Property

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  1. Roman Kishchenko

I'm going to write my custom Presenter which would do some logic depending on property annotations. Currently there's no way to access method/field annotations. My commit adds List<Annotation> getAnnotations() and Annotation getAnnotation(...) methods to Property class.

Actually, the commit solves the issue #307.

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  1. Roman Kishchenko author

    @Andrey Somov Did you read the issue #307? Did you read the description?

    Let's say that I want to ignore all the properties that are annotated with @Transient annotation. To do this, I need to override Representer#representJavaBeanProperty:

    protected NodeTuple representJavaBeanProperty(Object javaBean, Property property, Object propertyValue, Tag customTag) {
        NodeTuple tuple = null;
        if (property.getAnnotation(Transient.class) == null) { // I need the getter to do this. Without the getter I can't access the annotation
            tuple = super.representJavaBeanProperty(javaBean, property, propertyValue, customTag);
        return tuple;

    Please let me know what exactly is not clear in the sample above.

  2. Roman Kishchenko author

    1 THE WHOLE THING is very simple: as a client of SnakeYaml I want to have an access to the annotations of properties so that I could add my custom annotations like Jackson/JAXB have. Especially my use case is to use annotations to:

    Please note that I'm not going to add these annotations as a part of SnakeYaml, it's just to be used in my project that uses SnakeYaml for YAML serialization. Without this change I can't do it (I can use reflection to access private field/private PropertyDescriptor, but I'm sure, you know, that this solution is not good).

    2 From my perspective, a unit test should test only one individual component. If I write a unit test what will look like the code snippet, the test will be more about testing Representer and especially PropertyUtils and BeanAccess because depending on the logic inside PropertyUtils, FieldProperty/MethodProperty/MissingProperty is returned. Provided that PropertyUtils works as expected, there's nothing to test because it's really just a getter for annotations.

  3. Andrey Somov repo owner

    well, I think it is very clear - the pull request is declined. What kind of updates you expect ?

    If you want to create another pull request make sure that the coverage is good (all the new code must be covered by tests)