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snakeyaml / Docker


Test SnakeYAML inside a docker container

Docker is a perfect solution to build and test SnakeYAML under different JDK versions. Dockerfiles are included.

There is a very basic introduction to how Docker can be used.


cd <snakeyaml>/docker
docker build --tag=snakeyaml:java8 java8
docker run -it snakeyaml:java8

How to build SnakeYAML without Maven and JDK

It is possible build SnakeYAML without installing Maven and JDK. To avoid downloading every time we will map the local home directory inside the container, allowing maven to store its repository there. Moreover, we will tell Docker to use proper user id and group id to run the container. The command looks like this:

docker run --rm -u `id -u`:`id -g` \
           -v `pwd`:/work          \
           -v ~:/my-home           \
           -w /work                \
           maven:3-jdk-7           \
           mvn -Dmaven.repo.local=/my-home/.m2/repository clean install

This is the simplest way to build SnakeYAML with different JDKs:

  1. maven:3-jdk-6
  2. maven:3-jdk-7
  3. maven:3-jdk-8