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snakeyaml / Release

Release tasks

Steps to release SnakeYAML:

  • check system date & time
  • add info to changes.xml & announcement.msg
  • git pull origin master
  • Check that settings.xml has the keys/passwords
  • ./mvnw clean package
  • ./mvnw release:prepare (SSH key must be configured). Do not forget to edit the default tag !
  • ./mvnw release:perform (to build and upload to the Sonatype staging repository)
  • (automated) Promote the published artifacts from the staging to the release repository (
  • (automated) close staging repository
  • (automated) release staging repository
  • ./mvnw deploy -Prelease (build and deploy the next SNAPSHOT)

Announce to the community

  • apply info in wiki: changes and release notes
  • announce the release in yaml-core and snakeyaml mailing lists