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DDKWizard is a project creation wizard for Visual Studio .NET, .NET 2003, 2005 and 2008.

It does not currently work with any newer versions of Visual Studio.


I have code-signed all historical releases in April 2016, after verifying their integrity, and they are available from the download section. Please make sure to verify the signature using either signtool or sigcheck from live.sysinternals.com (both from Microsoft).

Prior to moving the downloads to Bitbucket in April 2016, there were nearly 200,000 downloads of the setup and nearly 61,000 downloads for the manual.


All projects created by DDKWizard can be put under whatever license you'd like to put them. The scripts and HTML files which contain the DDKWizard logic were subject to the zlib license starting with version 1.2.0. Releases starting 2016 will be licensed under MIT license which is largely equivalent. However, you may also continue to use it under the terms of the zlib license if that suits you better. However, in that case I'd like to ask you to open a ticket and let me know why the zlib license is better than the MIT license.

The text for the MIT license can be found in LICENSE.txt and the zlib license can be found here.

Historic releases

NB: prior to version 1.2.0 from 2008 (before the Subversion repository from which I converted this one even started) the scripts and HTML files which contain the DDKWizard logic they were released under the GPL version 2 from 1991.