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Oliver's dotfiles

Author: Oliver Schneider


This folder contains my dotfiles, i.e. all kinds of customized settings for programs I use regularly, starting with the shell (Bash: .bashrc) and not ending with my favorite editor (Vim: .vimrc).

Pick whatever you like. I have borrowed stuff here and there myself.

One shameless plug, however. I warmly recommend the following books:

The mysterious GNUmakefile

You'll also find a GNUmakefile that can be used for two things.

  • make (default and alias for make setup)
  • make install

The default behavior is to create a self-contained installer named (uuencode-d), based on the script of the same basename with the suffix In addition a second version named dotfile_installer.bin gets created as well. This installer will contain all the files from this folder, including the .hg folder (this is intentional!). You can usually find the latest version of the installer here.

This way you can simply build this file once and download from a location you trust.

The other thing is to install it to your home folder. To do this, make sure you are in the folder in which the dotfiles reside (~/.dotfiles on my systems) and then run make install. If you would want to use an alternate target location you'd have to set the TGTDIR variable in one of two ways:

  • TGTDIR=/my/custom/target/directory make install
  • make TGTDIR=/my/custom/target/directory install

Hope this is useful for someone else. Write me an email if it is :)