GNU Privacy Guard 1.4.21


This is a fork of GNU Privacy Guard. The fork introduces the ability to edit key usage attributes on the primary and any subkeys.

I did not develop the patch that introduces this functionality. Kudos to David Champion for doing that and sharing it.

The code is based on GnuPG 1.4.21, but adds the mentioned patch. I also made another change to give the release a unique name that doesn't say -beta1. But my change solely affects the build process (configure.ac), not the actual program.


In the download section I am offering code-signed binaries for Windows.

Currently the authors of gnupg state that 64-bit Windows builds have not been tested at all. So consequently I am only offering the 32-bit builds.

The Wiki details exactly how I built the binaries. So it's perfectly reasonable to review the code and build your own binaries using my instructions as a guideline. You needn't use my code-signed binaries at all. But if you want to, here they are. The reason I code-signed them should be obvious. The signature ensures that the binaries are still in the same pristine state in which I built them.

The .asc files corresponding to the .7z files are the detached PGP signatures. Please verify these and/or verify the signatures on the .exe using a tool like sigcheck.exe from Microsoft.


The software is provided under the terms of the GPLv3. You can find a copy of its text in the file named COPYING after cloning the source code.