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CAlternateDataStreams and lsads

Author: Oliver Schneider


CAlternateDataStreams is a C++ utility class without dependencies to the STL, MFC, ATL or some such. It allows you to list all the alternate data streams (ADS) on an NTFS file or folder.

lsads is a simple tool to enumerate the ADS from the command line.


No installation required. Download the binaries (32 and 64bit) from my website. Use an archiver to unpack the archive, I recommend 7zip, and then place the .exe files into a folder listed in your PATH environment variable.

As for the utility class all you need is to place the files AlternateDataStreams.h and VerySimpleBuf.h into your project, #include the former and you should be set to use the CAlternateDataStreams C++ class.


The program should run on Windows 2000 and later. Itanium CPUs are not supported, but feel free to build that yourself, if needed.

The CAlternateDataStreams class should work starting on Windows 2000, too. If you happen to have some old NT4 box around, try it there. It's likely it will still work even there (except if your linker does funny things).



lsads <filename>


The tools and the classes are placed into the PUBLIC DOMAIN (CC0).