Symlink driver for Windows XP by Masatoshi Kimura


The driver (symlink.sys) and the two utilities (ln and senable) where all written by Masatoshi Kimura.

The upstream version is 1.07.

The driver enables the symlink functionality introduced with Windows Vista via reparse points also for Windows XP.

The only addition over the download offered from the author's website are:

  • Scripts to ease building a release.
    • Got also rid of the need for ln.mak (but retained the file). The two tools are now being built using the WDK (see and sources in the respective subfolders).
  • Code-signed binaries.

Build your own

Simply use the relbuild.cmd script or adjust as needed. In particular you may want to get rid of the calls to ollisign.cmd which is my homebrew script to code-sign stuff.

You will need the Windows 7 SP1 WDK (aka 7600.16385.1) and the path to it has to be set via the environment variable W7BASE. Actually has to is probably too strong a word, as the included ddkbuild.cmd script should be capable of detecting the base directory via the WDK presence inside the registry. But it'll spit a warning and setting the environment variable gets rid of that.


Unknown. Refer to the website of Masatoshi Kimura.