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# DIY Static Flickr Badge

This package consists of two scripts which allow to generate static Flickr
badges. Make both scripts executable and put them in your PATH.


* bash, python
* wget, Graphics Magick (gm)
* Flickr API key


A python script which prints a list of URLs of the latest image
thumbnails from Flickr. This script expects to find "~/flickr.apikey"
with a valid API key.

### Usage username N

	username is flickr username
	N is positive integer, the number of URLs to print


A shell script which downloads and combines thumbnail images into a
single static image. Depends on wget and GraphicsMagick.
It expects to find in the PATH.

### Usage username geometry output


	username is flickr username
	geometry is width per height in tiles, e.g. 3x2 or 4x3 or 5x1
	output is filename of the output image

# Distrubution

No copyright, public domain.