Sergey Astanin avatar Sergey Astanin committed 19e78b2

Accept set URLs as well as set ID.

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 from cgi import escape
 from os.path import expanduser
+from re import match
 from string import Template
 from sys import argv, version_info, exit
 from xml.etree import ElementTree as ET
             print "photoset:", pset[0], pset[1]
             write_photoset_index(flck, pset, embeddable, linkwhat)
     elif args[0] == "photoset" or args[0] == "set":
-        pset_id = args[1]
+        pset = args[1]
+        pset_pattern = "http://www\.flickr\.com/photos/.*/sets/([0-9]+)/?"
+        m = match(pset_pattern, pset)
+        pset_id = m.groups()[0] if m else pset
         fn = write_photoset_index(flck, pset_id, embeddable, linkwhat)
         print file(fn).read()
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