Why you need this

Today most screens are wide or ultra-wide. Vertical screen space is precious. Every extra toolbar or navigation menu reduces the available screen space. Google design is particularly bad: in addition to OS-level and browser-level horisontal user-interface elements (task bar, window title, tabs, address bar), Google adds at least three more bars in most of its products (+You menu, search bar, and context-sensitive tool bar). The first two are rarely used, but occupy as much as 9% of a typical modern screen. Install this script, and enjoy Gmail, Calendar and other Google webapps as if you had a bigger screen.


Minimize Navigation in Google Webapps script hides +You menu and search bar in

  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Translate
  • Google+ (maybe)

It creates a new narrow button which allows to show hidden tool bars when you need them (like if you want to search in Gmail). When you don't need them, the same button allows to collapse Google tool bars again.


How to install

Similar scripts

This script duplicates functionality of other scripts which target separate webapps:

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