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google reader script is now just a modification of the universal script

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 // ==UserScript==
-// @name        Minimize Navigation in Google Webapps
+// @name        Minimize Navigation Bar in Google Reader
 // @namespace
-// @include*
-// @include*
-// @include*
-// @include*
-// @include*
 // @include*
 // @include*
-// @include*
-// @version     1.0
+// @version     1.1
 // @grant       none
 // ==/UserScript==
 bars in most of its products (+You menu, search bar, and
 context-sensitive tool bar). The first two are rarely used, but occupy
 as much as 9% of a typical modern screen. Install this script, and
-enjoy Gmail, Reader and other Google webapps as if you had a bigger
+enjoy Reader as if you had a bigger screen.
 ### Description
-_Minimize Navigation in Google Webapps_ script hides +You menu and search
-bar in
-  * Gmail
-  * Google Calendar
-  * Google Reader
-  * Google Groups
-  * Google Translate
-  * Google+
+_Minimize Navigation Bar in Google Reader_ script hides +You menu and
+search bar in Google Reader.
 It creates a new narrow button which allows to show hidden tool bars
 when you need them (like if you want to search in Gmail). When you
 ### Similar scripts
-This script duplicates functionality of other scripts which target
-separate webapps:
-* [Hide Search Bar in Google Reader][readerscript]
+* [Minimize Navigation in Google Webapps][allappsscript]
 * [Minimize Navigation Bar in Gmail][gmailscript]
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